HGY-1200 tablet pill coating machine

///HGY-1200 tablet pill coating machine
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Project Description


HGY-1200 tablet pill coating machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Henan Huafood,China
Brand Name: HUAFOOD
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Model Number: HGY-1200

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Model Size Weight Power Output
HGY-800 950*950*1250mm 150kg 0.75kw 80-150kg/h
HGY-1000 1050*1050*1300mm 180kg 1.5kw 130-300kg/h
HGY-1200 1300*1250*1450mm 260kg 2.2kw 300-450kg/h
Configuration can be added according to customer’s
requirements (with electric heating plate and hot air pipe)


Working principle

Product description:

The machine is with standard layout: Stainless steel texture.This coating machine is widely used in foodstuff and pharmaceutical.

  1. Foodstuff: Sugar coating beans, edible nuts, seeds or candy. Such as marble chocolate, peanut, fried flour-coated peanut,dumplings, crispy fruit, spicy bean, and various nuts etc..
  2. Pharmaceutical: Coating tablet and pill.

The pot body rotates clockwise, and the chips in the pot are sprayed with syrup + mixed slurry in a batch, so that the syrup mixture is uniformly coated on the chip, and the sugar-coated tablets are tumbled in the pot, and the hot air is passed into the pot to remove the surface of the tablet. The process principle of obtaining a qualified sugar coating with moisture.



1, the speed can be adjusted by frequency, and digital display

2, the outlet air temperature can be adjusted, and can be displayed by digital, automatically thermostat after setting

3, equipped with a spray gun, can be film coated

4, the pot head can be replaced as needed

5, small size, easy to install, easy to clean

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