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Project Description


HFJ-100G Seafood Grading Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou,Henan,China
Brand Name: HUAFOOD
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Model Number: HFJ-100G

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Capacity 200-320pcs/min
Grades 5-16
Measuring Range 1-300g
Precision ±0.1g
Power: 380V/50HZ 0.55KW
Machine Size: 3500*800*1500mm
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Type HFJ-100G HFJ-200G HFJ-300G
Capacity(ton/hr) 200-320pcs/min
Grades 5-12 5-16 5-16
Measuring Range 1-100g 1-200g 1-300g
Precision ±0.1g
Power 0.55kw
Overall Size 3500*800*1500mm 3700*800*1500mm 3900*800*1500mm


The rotary weight sorter is mainly suitable for the classification of poultry by-products, seafood and livestock by-products, such as chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chicken feet, duck neck, duck wings, sea cucumber abalone, fish and shrimp,
oysters, oysters, scallops, Crab, pork, beef, etc.; effectively replace manual sorting, while saving labor costs, greatly improving product standardization.


1.The turn-over weight sorter helps customers automatically sort by product weight, including fruit, poultry, fish and meat or frozen foods.
2. The sorting machine can be movable, it can not only work in the fruit garden, but also in fruit processing factory.
3. It can grade fruits in 9 levels.

4.Touch screen control, automatic classification and screening,easy to operate

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