Automatic Air Bubble Washing Machine for Vegetable

///Automatic Air Bubble Washing Machine for Vegetable
Automatic Air Bubble Washing Machine for Vegetable2020-07-23T04:17:16+00:00

Project Description


HQP-4000 Air Bubble Cleaning Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

  • Air bubble washing machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Henan Huafood, China
Brand Name: HUAFOOD
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Model Number: HQP-4000
Cleaning type Apple, sand fruit, begonia, wild berry, loquat, hawthorn, hawthorn, pear, cypress, rose hip, rowan tree, apricot, cherry, peach, plum, plum, blackberry, strawberry, pineapple raspberry, orange, orange, Lemon, grapefruit, banana, banana, date, grape, grape
Blueberry, mango, kiwi, bayberry, persimmon, mulberry, fig, jackfruit, milk fruit, dragon fruit, lychee, longan, coconut, betel nut, mangosteen, avocado, wolfberry, cherry tomatoes, akobi

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Air bubble washing machine

Air bubble washing machine technical parameters

Model Machine Size
Parameters Washing
HQP-2500 2500*1000*1300 3.75 250 1.Machine material:SS304
3.Belt type: Stainless steel mesh chain/stainless steel chain plate
4.Automatic mesh belt transportation
5.Speed can be adjusted
6.With high presser spraying system
7.With bubble surfacing system
8.Simple operation and control
9.Provide customized service.
500kg/h 1.High pressure



4.Can be customized according to customer needs

HQP-4000 4000*1200*1300 4.1 400 1000kg/h
HQP-5000 5000*1200*1300 5.1 500 1500kg/h
HQP-6000 6000*1200*1300 5.5 600 2000kg/h


Working principle

Air bubble washing machine

The vegetable washing machine is applied for factory, hotel, restaurant and farm to wash all kinds of vegetable and fruits thoroughly. Include:vegetables, fruits, seafood, and Granular, leafy, rhizome products cleaning, soaking, disinfection and fixing and so on.Such as:

Leaf vegetable:spinach,cabbage,celery,scallion,chives,etc.


Rhizome products:potato,cassava,ginger,garlic,tomato,onion,etc.

Air bubble washing machine Rack with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel production, comply with the national food industry use standard, the bubble tumbling, scrub, spray technology, the maximum of material for cleaning, assembly line in every single machine can be based on using different processing characteristics tailored, satisfy the requirement of the process, cleaning operation stepless speed can be adjusted, the user can according to different cleaning content set arbitrary, the
structure is compact, high automation, suitable for all kinds of processing scale enterprise use.


1. Fruit and vegetable washing machine has fast speed and uniform effect, and the inner and outer grooves are all stainless steel.

2. The fruit and vegetable washing machine has novel continuous cleaning equipments such as washing liquid spray washing, water spray rinsing, fan blowing water, hot air drying and the like.
3. Fruit and vegetable washing machine working time, temperature, power (adjustable).
4. Fruit and vegetable washing machine greatly improves production efficiency and saves cost

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