HQX-GT5000 root vegetable washing and cleaning machine

///HQX-GT5000 root vegetable washing and cleaning machine
HQX-GT5000 root vegetable washing and cleaning machine2020-06-08T07:55:35+00:00

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HQX-GT5000 root vegetable washing and cleaning machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Henan Huafood, China
Brand Name: FUAFOOD
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Model Number: HQX-GT5000

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Item HQX-GT3000 HQX-GT4000



3-5ton/hr 5-10ton/hr



160kg 220 260
Power: 3.75kw 5.5kw


Machine Size 3000*1100*2200mm 4000*1100*2200mm




The drum washing machine is widely used in the fields of vegetables, seafood, dried apricots, ginkgo, raisins, meat products, Chinese herbal medicine and so on. The cleaned materials are fed into the drum by the feed hopper, and the drum rotates and rubs against each other with the rotation of the drum. The spray water rinses off the dirt and mud on the surface of the material. The water is discharged through the drain bucket. The raw material that enters the cleaning tank through the feed port, and the brushed materials with intervals in the drum pass through the brush roller under the action of the pressure difference and the friction of the brush roller, and are further brushed. Then, the material to be cleaned is further sprayed and cleaned by high-pressure water in the discharge bucket.


1. The box body is made of high quality 304 material. No erosion, clean and hygienic, the hair roller is not easy to deform, the brush is made of nylon thread, which is durable and meets the requirements of product export standards.
2. The structure design of the whole machine is reasonable, simple and practical, easy to install and maintain; equipped with spray cleaning pipes and manual fruit catching device, the welding structure of the frame is strong and durable, the whole machine runs smoothly, no noise, and ensures trouble-free operation;
3. A unique wave-shaped design allows the fruit to be cleaned in 360 degrees in all directions while moving forward, which effectively removes dirt on the surface of the fruit.
4. Adopt a reasonable feeding structure, the material crushing rate is less than 1%, which is more conducive to the extraction of starch;

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