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Brush roller cleaning machine

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 Brush roller cleaning machine for vegetable

The brush roller cleaning machine is a practical equipment designed and manufactured by the company for the washing and peeling of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger and kiwi. The roller cleaning machine uses the rotation of the hair roller to remove the dirt attached to the vegetables such as carrots and potatoes (the hair roller can be directly peeled off by the hair roller), and the spray water pipe is arranged on the upper part of the device to spray and rinse the material.

brush roller cleaning machine

The advantages and principles of root vegetable peeling machine:

The root vegetable peeling machine is more common is the potato peeling machine. The material is rotated by the brush, and the surface of the material is rubbed with the brush to achieve the effect of cleaning, peeling and polishing the material. The thickness of the brush should be selected for cleaning, peeling and polishing. It can handle 160 kilograms of rhizome vegetables per hour. It takes about three minutes to process a pot. It is of course much faster than manual. The machine is compact in structure and easy to operate. Its principle is to use centrifugal rotation and friction peeling technology.

potato peeling machine

The roller brush washing machine for root vegetable is clean, water-saving, large processing volume, short cleaning time, and can clean and peel the root vegetables. Applicable to potato, carrot beet, taro, potato, lotus root, etc. It is a dehydrated vegetable factory, quick-frozen food factory, dehydrated vegetable processing, pickles processing, canned processing, fruit and vegetable peeling without hurting meat, fruit and vegetable block roots and stems. It does not damage, it is a good equipment for the washing and processing of vegetables and fruits. Automatic discharge, convenient and fast delivery, saving time and worry.