Continuous fruit and vegetable washing machine

///Continuous fruit and vegetable washing machine
  • fruit and vegetable washing machine

Continuous fruit and vegetable washing machine

2019-06-23T15:43:34+00:00June 23rd, 2019|Vegetable & Fruit Cleaning Machine|

Continuous fruit and vegetable washing machine

Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine Usage:

Suitable for leafy vegetables, roots, small fish, shrimp, seafood, seaweed, fruit to mud washing, food processing plants and large kitchens.

Vegetable washing machine features:

1. Automatic filtration of residue by German water circulation cleaning technology, circulating water cleaning
2. Discharge action oil pressure start, steady speed and precision, full control of washing time
3. Batch washing, washing time can be accurately grasped
4. Powerful circulation of water, no damage to the laundry, better washing effect
5. Automatic water supply device to save water
6. Specially designed curved barrel and two powerful circulating water streams to form a rotating water flow cleaning effect

Fruit and vegetable cleaning line working process:

1. This equipment is equipped with clean water spray during the conveying and lifting process to make the product cleaning effect better.
2. Powerful hair dryer design, automatic cleaning of conveyor belt mesh belt.
3. The equipment box is provided with a filtering device, which can play the role of floating material filtering during the cleaning process.
4. The floating matter can be filtered through the upper filter tank, and after the sand sinks to the bottom, it is discharged through the drain port.
5. Water circulation design, the filtered water is automatically cycled and cleaned to save water resources.