Canteen vegetable cutting machine operation process

///Canteen vegetable cutting machine operation process
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Canteen vegetable cutting machine operation process

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Canteen vegetable cutting machine operation process

The use of the vegetable cutter not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces a lot of costs. Many canteens have purchased the vegetable shredders, but when using canteens, you need to understand the process and specifications of the operation. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the operation process of the canteen.

1. Prepare for work

When you use the canteen cutting machine, you should do a good job of preparation. For example, check if the vegetable cutting machine’s various parts are in perfect condition. The cutting blade is very sharp or not. There is also a more important question, is it safe to check the line.Because when the vegetable cutter is used in the kitchen, it will inevitably encounter water. Checking the line, it can prevent electric shock and the like. The accident happened. In addition, the blade and conveyor belt of the canteen cutter need to be cleaned. After the preparation work is completed, the power can be turned on. It is normal to see if the idling is normal.

2. During operation

When operating the multifunction vegetable cutter, you must first understand what the requirements for the dish are, so that you can adjust the thickness of the canteen and the cut shape. Next, you can place the dish you need to cut on it. After turning on the power, you can cut the vegetables normally. But everyone should pay attention to the fact that the reverse operation must not be carried out, because the reverse is very dangerous. After the cutting is completed, the dish can be placed on the conveyor belt, thus completing the whole cutting process.

3.Multi-function cutting machine features

The vegetable cutting machine is a double-head type cutting machine, which can work at the same time, and adjust the speed by replacing the cutter head or double frequency modulation. Leafy vegetable cutting department: The raw material is conveyed by the conveyor belt, and the speed of the turning and the belt speed are independently controlled by the frequency converter. The dishes can be cut into various sizes of tablets, diced and silk. Powerful, multi-purpose, saves time and effort. The whole machine is made of international standard 304 stainless steel, which is hygienic, beautiful and durable, and the frequency conversion speed regulation is simple and direct. It can fully adapt to the humid environment of the central kitchen, processing center, etc. The body and frame are not rusted, which increases the service life of the machine.

Multi-function cutting machine is widely used in food factories and processing of clean vegetables. Suitable for clean food distribution, college logistics, group meals, student nutrition meals, rest assured breakfast, restaurant chain, central kitchen, central factory, corporate canteen, etc., to meet different production needs.

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