Use of potato dicing machine

///Use of potato dicing machine
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Use of potato dicing machine

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Use of potato dicing machine

Vegetable dicing machine will diced potato, radish, taro, sweet potato, melon and fruit, onion, green pepper, mango, pineapple, apple, ham, konjac, papaya, bamboo shoots, etc., and the cut surface is smooth and beautiful. The frame of the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. There is a micro switch at the inlet, which is safe to operate.

working principle

When the potato dicing machine is working, the pusher dial drives the object to be cut at a high speed, and uses the centrifugal force of the object to cut the object to be cut into pieces by means of a slicing knife (the vertical knife), and then cut into strips by a disc cutter, and The material to be cut is fed into the cross-cutting edge, and the transverse cutting blade is cut into the desired cube or rectangular parallelepiped.

Operational use

1. First, the material to be cut should be washed and mixed. If the material to be cut is mixed with sand and mud, the blade edge and the blade are easily damaged and blunt. The maximum cutting diameter of the material should not exceed 100mm. If it is larger than this diameter, it must be divided into blocks.
2. Press the start button motor to run. (The above cover is not pressed on the frame, the switch cannot be pressed, the line is blocked, and the motor cannot be operated)
3. The material to be cut is uniformly and continuously fed into the feeding hopper from the hopper. Under the action of the pusher dial, the sliced knife is cut into the required thickness, and then cut into strips by the disc cutter, and finally crossed. Cut the knife into squares.
4. Adjustment of the potato dicing machine specification: It is changed by adjusting the slice thickness and replacing the disc cutter and the cross cutter.
5. When the machine is working, do not put your hands and other foreign objects into the casing to avoid danger.

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