Advantages of the triangle bag tea packaging machine

///Advantages of the triangle bag tea packaging machine
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Advantages of the triangle bag tea packaging machine

2019-07-03T10:43:06+00:00July 3rd, 2019|Packaging machine|

As consumers’ demands for food safety are getting higher and higher, people are demanding more and more packaging for tea, flower tea and Babao tea. They are not only good to drink, but also clean, safe and pollution-free. The social development continues to improve, the level of technology and technology continues to improve, and teabags bring convenience, reliability, and hygiene to people.

Four advantages of the triangular bag tea packaging machine

(1) Compact size. The triangular bag tea packaging machine has a conventional film width of 120mm, 140mm, and 160mm, and the mechanism is relatively complicated. It is possible to produce a tea bag with outstanding extraction and beautiful appearance by ultrasonic sealing. Both the display and the adjustment device adopt a touch screen display number and an arbitrarily set indexing component, which is beautiful in appearance and convenient for operation adjustment on the tea packaging machine.

(2) The reaction speed is fast. This is a requirement for high speed, which uses a servo motor to pull the film and has a packaging capacity of 3,000 bags/hour.

(3) High reliability. The load rate of the packaging machine is generally very high, often under high-speed operating conditions, and some tea packaging machines must work in the harsh environment of high temperature, high dust, high temperature, etc., and even have to withstand the washing of water, etc. . Therefore, the sensor installed at the work site must be very reliable and adaptable, and the adjustment device should have high anti-interference ability.

(4) High measurement accuracy. The measurement accuracy affects the reputation and packaging cost of the product. However, at high speeds, it is difficult to achieve high precision, especially weighing. Researching high-speed and high-precision weighing devices is an important technical issue that is still being explored.

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