Milk pouch packing machine price in kanpur up to 500 ml

///Milk pouch packing machine price in kanpur up to 500 ml
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Milk pouch packing machine price in kanpur up to 500 ml

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Milk packing machine for liquid food packaging

Description of liquid packaging machine

The automatic liquid packaging machine packs various milk, soy sauce, edible vinegar, milk, cooking wine, white wine, disinfected beverage, juice, yogurt, soy milk and other liquid products in polyethylene plastic film.

Automatic liquid packing machine body, outer casing, pipeline, sterilizer, quantitative pump all use stainless steel, UV sterilization, direct heat sealing and cutting, bag size, packaging weight, sealing and cutting temperature adjustment is convenient and reliable, production date ribbon printing. The seals are available in various forms: edge seal, back seal, middle seal, four-side seal, wide-side seal, etc., photoelectric tracking.

milk pouch packing machine

Feature of milk pouch packing machine

1: Operational convenience, using Japanese PLC control, with touch screen man-machine interface control system, easy to operate.

2: Automatic detection function, if the bag is not opened or the bag is not intact, no feeding, no heat sealing, the bag can be applied again, no waste of materials, saving the user cost.

3: Safety device, when the working pressure is not normal, an alarm will be given.

5: Use oil-free vacuum pump to prevent pollution in the production environment.

6: The loss of packaging material is low. This machine uses pre-made packaging bags, the packaging bag pattern is perfect, the sealing quality is good, and the product level is improved.

7: In line with the hygienic standard of the food processing industry, the parts in contact with the materials or bags are processed with stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and safety of the food.