Continuous oil-water mixing fryer

///Continuous oil-water mixing fryer
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Continuous oil-water mixing fryer

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Continuous oil-water mixing fryer

Oil-water energy-saving fryer has electric heating, coal heating, gas heating and other methods. It is a smokeless, multi-functional, oil-water hybrid frying equipment.

The oil- water fryer equipment adopts the most selected oil-water mixed frying process in the world, completely changing the structure of the traditional frying equipment, fundamentally solving the drawbacks of the traditional frying pan, and simultaneously frying various foods, multi-purpose .

The continuous fryer process adopts heating from the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the fried oil, inhibiting the increase of the acid medium, automatically filtering the residue during the frying process, and automatically controlling the temperature, thereby prolonging the service life of the fried oil.

The fryer has the advantages of high automation, labor saving, improved work efficiency, and improved profit margin for customers. Suitable for fried meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other products.

Continuous fryer

Oil-water mixing fryer features:

(1) Advanced oil-water mixing technology overcomes the defects of conventional fryer, automatic filtration, can keep the frying oil clean, and make the fried products consistent, which not only improves product quality, prolongs shelf life, but also takes product A higher added value has come.
(2) Advanced mechanical configuration and control, can always maintain a good working condition, not only improve the output but also make the product quality stable, uniform color, fragrance and taste.
(3) The automatic filtration of the machine can greatly extend the service life of the frying oil without the need to change the oil frequently. The oil consumed in the product frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, and the fuel saving efficiency is unquestionable.
(4) Advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy waste and saves a lot of energy expenditure.
(5) The realization of the continuous work of the machine improves the unit work efficiency, effectively reduces the unit cost, and is also extremely helpful for labor expenditure and management expenditure.
(6) The use of this equipment can greatly improve product quality, reduce various costs incurred in the production process, and make your products more competitive in the market.
(7) Manufactured using new technologies and advanced processes;
(8) The computer controls the temperature, heats evenly, and the temperature is constant, ensuring food nutrition;
(9) Utilizing the “oil-water separation” oiliness, the residue in the frying oil is automatically filtered out to ensure that the frying oil is clean and the frying oil can be used for a long time;
(10)Using the “oil-water separation” characteristic, the fuel consumption is less, the fuel economy is more than 50%; the fried oil is acid-free, does not produce waste oil, and the fried food has good color, aroma and taste; during the frying process, the produced animal oil passes. The drain valve is drained to ensure the hygiene of the food;
(11) A multi-purpose machine can continuously fry various foods without odor;
(12) No fumes to ensure the health of the operator;
(13) The “oil-water separation” fryer is easy to operate and can be operated by a single person.
(14) All 304 stainless steel is made to ensure the safety of heavy metals in fried foods. Clean and hygienic.
(15) Ultra-high temperature alarm function to ensure the safety of operators.