HFG-3000 Packing bag cleaning machine air drying production line

///HFG-3000 Packing bag cleaning machine air drying production line
HFG-3000 Packing bag cleaning machine air drying production line2021-11-12T07:17:19+00:00

Project Description


HFG-3000 Packing bag cleaning machine air drying production line

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Henan Huafood, China
Brand Name: FUAFOOD
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Model Number: HFG-3000
Type: HFG-3000
Capacity(kg/hr): 500kg/hr
Width of Belt: 800mm
No.of Air Fan: 8
Power: 7.5kw
Overall Size: 3000*1200*1600mm
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bags drying machine

Type HFG-3000 HFG-4000 HFG-5000 HFG-6000
Capacity(kg/hr) 500kg/hr 800kg/hr 1000kg/hr 1500kg/hr
Width of Belt 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
No.of Air Fan 8 12 16 20
Power 7.5kw 10.5kw 13.5kw 16.5kw
Overall Size 3000*1200*1600mm 4000*1200*1600mm 5000*1200*1600mm 6000*1200*1600mm



This Specialized production clean air dry line air dry water pipeline the production line is mainly used for the continuous cleaning and drying of oil and dirt on the surface of products after sterilization at high and low temperature Can be customized as required and can be directly integrated into the packing line to achieve streamlined production.


cleaned in cleaning groove is covered by water, attached to the surface of quite a number of large pieces of soil loss, the conveyor belt into the drum washing machine inlet, cleaning material into the hopper into the rotating drum, the drum rotation in the pool, use of its own gravity separation of cleaning as propulsion, to realize automatic cleaning material.The cleaning material moves forward along the roller wall. During the movement, the cleaning material is constantly washed by water, the friction between cleaning material, the brushing between turning and the friction between cleaning material and the roller wall, and the cleaning process of cleaning material surface is completed under the joint action.

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